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I was browsing through Bloglovin and Twitter this morning and, whilst reading through everyone's regular tweets about their new blog posts, youtube videos and other such things, I honestly thought to myself - well fucking done ladies.

Honestly. Well done!

I look at all your blogs and, given that I've been reading a fair few of them for years, I can see how far you've come. You've turned what was simply a hobby, probably born out of curiosity, and transformed it into something that makes you happy. That gives me so much joy. I love that people can turn something that they love and have passion for and make it their career. You have succeeded in becoming something you love, doing something you care about and having a job you feel passionate about it.

I might not know you personally, but I am proud of you. Your blogs are awesome and I look forward to reading them for years to come!

I've listed a few below, these are just some of my personal favourites. Please give them a read and share the love!

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birthday treats and surprises!

On Thursday I turned the grand old age of twenty four. I've had a wonderful few days of food, drinks, surprise appointments at the hairdressers to get my hair done, followed by more food, cinema, nights out with friends and presents. I never usually do much for my birthday, so this year I was incredibly surprised that this had all been planned for me by my wonderful boyfriend.

I've been spoiled rotten and I've still to get my tattoo next week, courtesy of my lovely wee mammy. All in all I've had a pretty good weekend.

Twenty four though, I'm twenty four. I'm creeping closer to thirty. That's scary shit right there.

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