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I haven't posted a wishlist in a good few months so with Christmas just around the corner, what better time to put together a list of everything I've currently been staring at either online or in a store, and haven't had the nudge to buy... yet.

As someone who already owns around twenty planners or so, of course I need three more. I have been wanting a Kate Spade planner for around a year now and when they released their 2015 editions for 2016 my heart melted when I seen the Rose Gold version. Rose Gold with light pink interior and gold rings. Honestly, I think about trying to buy one almost every day. There is also a black version with a dark pink interior, but I prefer the rose gold. There is also a mint planner from Kikki-K there, which is a beautiful, too. I never need an excuse to purchase from them anyway, even more so now with them opening a store in London!

I've also been lusting after a cute little Pandora ring for a while, especially one with a blue or mint stone. They're so simple and plain, which is exactly what I love about them, I'm not one for overly flashy jewellery. Along with things like cat phone cases, simple desk chairs and beautiful copper bowls, I've been looking at a lot of patterned and textured blankets, bed sheets and pillows. I especially love the intricate design on the bed sheets above from Urban Outfitters. I've also been looking into buying the white foundation from Illamasqua to mix in with my normal foundations, which are still too dark for my skin. I wish high street foundations came in paler colours!

Seeing as a Scottish winter is mainly just rain and sleet I've been looking at buying a sturdy pair of boots and since I've been wanting a pair of Doc Martens for years, I thought I'd add them to my list. I'm not really a fan of all the multicoloured boots, so I've popped these plain black ones in.  They're also meant to be great quality and long lasting so really what I'd be buying is an investment in warm feet for a few years, at least that's what I'm telling the boyfriend anyway. Speaking of long lasting, I put a few cactus plants in there, they are super cute and they seem to be the only plants that I can keep alive. I suck at remembering to water them.

Maybe Craig will see this wishlist and it'll give him a few ideas for presents. He always complains that girls are hard to buy for, so ta-da. I think I might have to purchase a few of these items for myself, Merry Christmas from me to me!

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instagram update

1. Out for some fresh air by the sea // 2. I dyed my hair red again. I can't help myself.
3. I woke up at stupid o'clock on my day off // 4. A tidy desk is a tidy mind.

The last week or two has went past in a complete blur. If you asked me what I did yesterday I would genuinely have a hard time telling you. I think it's because I know I'm coming to the end of my notice period at work and I'm starting to get a little nervous. This whole jobless-ness doesn't really agree with me, but I'll find something soon. I just know I want to get as far away from sales as possible. Definitely not for me.

I've spent the last day and night tweaking my blog and changing the look completely. Now it has a brand spanking new blog design and feel, something a teeny bit more professional. Ain't it lovely? I plan on spending a lot more time here, given that in between applying for jobs and such I'll have a lot more time on my hands. Might as well put it to good use!


Feeling - Very sick, I must have eating something dodgy over the past few days, I was up all last night being sick and had horrible cramp in my stomach and legs. Not good, only got around two or three hours sleep if I'm lucky.

Eating - Nothing, due to feeling sick. Although I have been craving cheese beanos a lot recently. (that's beans on toast with grated cheese over it!)

Watching - American Horror Story · Hotel, as I suspect everybody else is too. I think I'm love with Lady Gaga. And Even Peters, but that's not new information.

Listening - At this very minute Paramore - Still Into You, however I've rekindled my love for Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks recently ♥

Thinking - Money. I'm about to be jobless shortly and my spend willy-nilly nature is trying to take over. I'm currently lusting after a pair of Doc Martin boots, but I know that once I get paid, that will be me until I get a new job and with my bills having to take priority, I'll be spending a lot less until then. #sadface

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top picks on etsy

I am an online shopaholic. There I said it, that's the first step to take when solving a problem, admitting it. (I'm not changing though). Ever since I discovered online shopping there has always been one site that is constantly open on my phone and favourited in my browser, and that site is Etsy. I've put together a little wishlist of everything I'm currently lusting after and have sitting my cart waiting to press submit order. I figure that by talking about them here it'll take away the temptation to actually buy them, as I'm trying really hard to save money. I'll press submit eventually though, I always do.
7. Arrow ring.  /  8. Cat mug.  /  9. Legend of Zelda cookie cutter.

Everything here has been sitting in my cart for the last three or four days now. With Christmas coming up, I shouldn't be buying anything for myself, but given how cute everything is, I might need to give in. Also, how cute is that Cloud Mobile? I don't have a baby, but I'd still hang it up! 

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