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I've been reading a lot more recently. I sort of fell away from reading for a few months, pretty much since the new year started. I've only read four books this month, which is just under average for me. I tend to read around six or seven books in a month, so it's been relatively slow in comparison.

Juliet by Anne Fortier
I've read this book many, many times, as you can probably tell from the spine. The pages are really thin so the spine cracks easy, but it doesn't bother me as it's one of my absolute favourites. I re-read it at least once a year. A twist on Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet, which questions the origins of the most famous couple destined for disaster and puts into perspective what you'd do for the ones you love. Any romance lovers out there will adore this one, in my opinion. I'm not usually a fan of romance novels, but I do love Romeo and Juliet, so this was an easy one for me to like.

A Cat Lovers Miscellany by Mike Darton -
This is one of those books that you pick up because it's quirky but won't really offer much. Basically a collection of cat facts, trivia, fun little tidbits and remarks around cats. Pretty simple and very easy read.

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell -
I've read this a few times and each time get sucked into it a little more. I got a new copy fairly recently as I gave my old one to charity, along with a few other books. I think most people have read this at one point, whether through choice or through education. It's a great must read, a story based on a totalitarian world, which challenges the reader to think about the objectiveness of reality and the concept between right and wrong.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
I read this after seeing the film was coming out. I still haven't seen the film after seeing a lot people saying that it doesn't do the book any justice whatsoever. This book has had a lot of popularity, so most people already know the core concept. Missing wife and husband is now the prime suspect, but did he really have anything to do with her disappearance? I really enjoyed this book, but probably won't read it again, due to knowing what happens in the story. I might read it again in a few years, hopefully having forgotten a good deal of the story and making it surprising again.

I've bought a few more books for next month, which I am so excited to start reading. Genuinely so excited. I'll be posting about those in a few days!

Thanks for reading!

life recently

I don't know why I've chosen to use this really bad quality selfie as the image in this post. It's probably because I haven't really taken any photos recently to actually add to a blog post, so, this will have to do. I took this the other morning I had off work for no other reason that my skin looked good and my bun was doing that kind of care free thing where it looks messy but it's still cute. Which was a complete accident by the way and now I can't seem to do again. My buns usually look really neat, I can't find that balance of cute-dishevelled yet.

In the last month I've:

bought a bike - Craig and I bought bikes recently, for something fun to do at the weekend that still counts as exercise. So far my legs have been dying afterwards and my arms even more so for having to carry the bike up three flights of stairs to the flat. I love living on the top floor, but it does have it's downsides.

dyed my hair - I dyed my hair dark brown again. I know I always go through a cycle of dying it dark brown, then light brown, then red, every few months or so. I'm trying to be a bit more gentle to my hair by not dyeing it as much and using less heat on it. I want long healthy hair over summer!

re-pierced an old piercing - I pierced part of my old scaffolding piercing the other day and stuck a little heart shaped earring through it. It wasn't as sore as I was expecting, it just sort of nipped a bit and then popped through. It's more annoying sleeping on it, so I'll probably have to change to a hoop sooner or later.

played through Twilight Princess again - I'm usually playing through one Zelda game or another. Right now I'm playing Twilight Princess for around the 6th or 7th time. I've been playing it for around an hour or two when Craig isn't on the Playstation, which is never, so my time on it is pretty spread out. I'm at the Snow Temple currently, the one with the reeeeally annoying music.

got incredibly drunk and smashed my iphone screen - I went to a leaving night for a girl that was in my work and made the mistake of playing catchup when I got there after going home to get changed. Double vodkas and a fair few tequila shots resulted in me hobbling home, climbing on a bus and somewhere between the pub and getting home to the flat I must have dropped my phone. I am gutted. I've never broken a phone screen before so I was pretty disappointed. I'll get it fixed eventually though.

I've had a pretty run of the mill month, nothing extremely exciting, but not boring either. I've spent the morning jumping and dancing around to music and singing along, much to my neighbours pleasure, I assume.  So now I'm going to go and edit some photos I've taken for some blog posts and then go for an extremely long bath. 

thank you for reading!
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