getting my shit together

There's something about moving home that's spurred me into doing exactly what my title would suggest, getting my shit together. For the last six months to a year I've basically turned into the type of person that constantly says "I'll do it tomorrow", and then tomorrow rolls around and I'll postpone it another day. I made so many promises to myself this year that I haven't stuck to - I wanted to lose some weight and get fit, at least to the point where I can climb a few sets of stairs without being out of breath at the top. I wanted to become vegetarian, and my complete lack of will led me to eating a pepperoni pizza and then it was a meat-filled downward spiral from there. I wanted to get back into art and making things, get back into playing the piano and learn how to write in cursive. I've done none of those things.

This new flat has been a blessing in disguise. Although we ultimately decided to move after losing Winry and Craig moving office, it's been a good thing. I have more motivation to be creative now, I have more time to actually spend time on things and not rush it through. I can hear myself think now that I'm not slap bang in the middle of a bustling city, I'm really a country-bumpkin at heart.

I'm going to make myself a few promises from now until the end of the year - 

I want to cut down the amount of meat I eat and eventually become completely vegetarian. I don't eat a lot of meat anyway, but I'm going to start by trying to cut down meat portions to once or twice a week. I was vegetarian for a month and then my will broke, but I want to stick to it this time.

No more takeaways (within reason!). This has led to me putting on a lot of unwanted weight which I'm now struggling to lose again. Queue all the healthy foods from now on.

Make at least one thing per week. Whether that's a drawing, painting, something I've physically put together.

Write blog posts at least three times a week. I used to love blogging, it was such a creative outlet for me. I fell away from it for months and months and basically lost all interest in blogging and the whole blogging community, but that interest is slowly creeping back and I'm enjoying being a part of it again.

Don't put off to tomorrow what I could do today. This is the main one for me. My laziness has basically produced a whole other personality that seems to take over whenever I have something I need to do. It's really strange because in any job I've ever had, I'm the least laziest person ever, but the second I cross my front door the enthusiasm for stuff just fades away. This needs to change, because it's making getting anything important done very difficult.

I always make these promises to myself and then shy away or forget about them eventually, but I actually want to stick to them this time. I've also written them on the inside of my diary so it's literally the first thing I see when I open it now. Hurray for motivation!

thank you for reading!

living room inspiration

In the next few days I'll be moving flat with Craig and all I seem to be doing is daydreaming about all the pretty things I'm going to need to buy to furnish it. We deliberately went for an unfurnished flat this time - living in a property for three and half years with other people's stuff has put me off ever living anywhere that's not been furnished by me. We've been dealing with awful green carpets, magnolia paint on everything and old floral wallpaper, not pretty! We still have a lot to pack and prepare for the move, so naturally, I'm sat here typing this. This is sort of productive though as I'm mapping out how I want the flat to look. No? Okay.

The deal so far is that Craig gets the spare bedroom for a games room, so he can hibernate in there with his PS4 and PC. It's probably where my Nintendo stuff will be as well, so I might spend a lot of time in there, too. If he gets the spare room, then I get to decorate the flat to how I like it. Within reason. We seem to have very different styles when it comes to home decor, so I'll need to be careful on what I buy to make sure he likes it. Or, I just buy it in little dribs and drabs and build up all the nice things over time and he won't notice.

I'm really loving the idea of having a grey couch, with colourful pillows and blankets. I'm leaning more towards pops of pink and mint with maybe copper and gold thrown in as well. I also want to get a huge rug for the living room. As far as I can remember it should be wooden flooring so a big rug will work perfectly. I've added in a few bits of copper and bronze as I love the look of that frame copper/rose gold candle holder! Add in a few houseplants and flowers, a few prints on the walls and some white furniture and bam, dream living room complete.

I'm just hoping Craig won't think it's too girly, he might not notice. Or, he can decorate the spare room any way he wants and we can compromise.

I should probably get back to packing now. I recently discovered that I own an unfathomable amount of stuff that I seem to have gathered over the years so I'm doing a serious clean out. That, coupled with all the cleaning and organising means I'm very time restricted. Hopefully it won't take too long, those Pinterest boards aren't going to make themselves and I've got more daydreaming to do!

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Things I'm looking forward to in Autumn

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It's the beginning of September and already the days are starting to get shorter and slightly colder. I've started daydreaming of things I'm looking forward to coming back this Autumn! I've also been thinking about things that I'm looking forward to wearing again now that the weather is starting to cool down again.

Tartan scarves
I have quite the collection of tartan scarves as well as just normal scarves. I went through a phase of buying a lot of them and then always stupidly resorting back to the same one I've always used. I'm really looking forward to scarf weather coming back.

Winter coats
I'm not much of a coat person anyway, but during the autumn and winter months I love having a huge cosy jacket on. There's something nice about knowing how cold it is around you and not feeling it because you're essentially a walking hot water bottle.

I like to wear a lot of boots anyway, but I've always wanted a pair of Doc Martens for winter and I will probably invest in a pair this year. I made the mistake of buying cheaper pairs of boots last year that would only last a month and then fall apart. I'd rather invest in a better quality pair that will last longer and I've not had a paid of Doc Martens for years!

Fluffy socks
Wearing socks to bed is a complete no-no for me usually, unless it's colder Autumn/Winter weather and then I break out the fluffy socks. The cuter and fluffier the better!

Thicker pyjamas
I love wearing matching pyjamas and I have too many sets already, but without fail, when the Autumn weather starts to creep in, I will definitely be visiting Primark for a few more sets. There's something so nice about a new pair of pyjamas.

Dark lip colours
Given that I don't wear a lot of make up anyway, this year I want to try wearing more lip products and starting in Autumn is perfect as that's when all the berry and purpley colours start to come out.

I'm also looking forward to yet another year of never having tried any pumpkin spiced hot drinks. Soz, all that blogger hype hasn't worked on me yet. I'll still complain for another year of how cold and rainy it is outside, yet I say all year round that Autumn is my favourite season. I think I just like moaning about the weather, to be honest. What is everyone else looking forward to this Autumn?

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a quiet weekend

Craig and I decided to have a weekend in Lanark, just an overnight stay somewhere quiet before he goes back to work and we get ready for moving flat. It was nice to get away somewhere where the constant noise outside isn't traffic, noisy shops, sirens and people shouting. We went out on the Saturday night to the pub with friends then spent the Sunday morning out in the park with his lovely wee mum and Amber, the most timid dog ever! We spent the morning and afternoon out in the sunshine and playing with all the cats, which was super cute because they're all so fluffy! I spent a little while next to where Winry was buried and had a wee cry, which was nice and upsetting at the same time. After that, we went for a wander into the woods and visited all the carvings of animals and fairies before coming back to the house and heading home.

Craig took a photo of me on the wooden throne out in the woods, which was too bright for me to open my eyes for and resulted in a cheesy smile & goofy eyes!

We move flat in just under a week now and I am genuinely so excited. Edinburgh has been good for the past three years but it's time to move onto something new, we also really miss spending time in Glasgow. We'll be moving to a flat that's only fifteen minutes on the train from Glasgow city centre as well, which is brilliant. It's also only ten minutes in the car to my mum's and so much easier for Craig to get to his parents as well. All in all, it's a great change of pace for us and neither of us can wait. Plus, we get to decorate and buy all our own stuff, queue all those Pinterest boards coming in handy!

I haven't been posting around here much lately, but moving into a new flat has given a lot more enthusiasm for stuff, so I'll be around here a lot more. Thanks for sticking around in the mean time!

thank you for reading!
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