Finding the right pair of glasses

I've worn glasses for pretty much as long as I can remember. The first time I can clearly remember getting a pair of glasses I refused to look through them and instead wore them at the bottom of my nose so I could look over the frames. My mum soon caught wise though and that was swiftly stopped. I think I was about four when I got my first pair, twenty-two years later and I'm still wearing glasses and probably will for the rest of my life.

Glasses have always been something that bothered me. I was bullied in primary school for wearing glasses, being called the usual "specky" and such. Yet now, people actually buy glasses to wear without prescriptions in them because they're fashionable.  If I'd have known this was going to be the case so many years later I wouldn't have let it bother me as much as it did!

Since that point, I've been wanting to get glasses that I feel suit me. I generally always had my glasses chosen for me by my mum and then because my prescription is so high, she always had to pay to have them thinned so I wouldn't have massive thick lenses that would have probably added to the teasing at the time. Now, I'm obviously choosing my own my frames, I like to go for a certain style. Which pretty much comes down to a black frame, with either thick legs or frameless at the bottom. I used to always go to Specsavers, but then I discovered that if you have a copy of your prescription, you can essentially buy them online, and they're generally (in my experience anyway) cheaper to buy.

I have three pairs of glasses at the moment, one from Specsavers, which are the ones with the pink at the end of the legs, a pair from Glasses Direct which are the thicker framed pair and then a pair from Glasses Shop, which are the Wayfarer style.

I do actually love wearing my glasses now, and my favourite pair has to be the Wayfarer Style from Glasses Shop. They're the comfiest and easiest to wear and the style I think suits my face really well. As I have a high prescription the lenses are quite thick, and given they're essentially frameless at the bottom, it makes the thick lens really easy to see. People with normal small prescriptions would never have this problem, though.

It's this pair I usually choose to wear out of the house and keep the other two as my sort of casual sit in types as they aren't as fancy looking, basically!

If you interested in ordering your glasses online, all you need is your prescription which you can easily get by asking for a printed copy from your optician. Then you just type in your details and order whatever frames you like. Glasses Shop currently have a buy one get one free sale on too! There's a few pairs on there I'm probably going to order on payday at the end of the month, including a pair with gold detailing on the frames!

What do you think of ordering glasses online?

* This post was written in collaboration with All opinions are my own. *

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Mother's Day - Gift Guide

Hearts Teapot - link
Minimal Watch - link
Silver Tote - link
Geo Design Bag - link
Rose & Gold Berry - link
Raised Design Mug - link

Mother's Day is fast approaching and if like me, you struggle to not only buy gifts, but to find the right gifts for people. Luckily for me my mum isn't the most subtle, she literally tells me the things she wants me to get her. This year it seems to be focussing on a new tattoo and a new bag for work. Getting her a tattoo might be difficult as that would take a lot of planning, however the bag I have completely sorted.

She was wanting a simple shoulder bag, with a bit of structure but not overly complicated and when I spotted the design on the Geo Design bag, I instantly knew she'd love it. The bag itself comes in it's own little pouch to keep it protected whilst it's in transit and it was delivered in just over a day, which makes shopping for purchases so close to the day really easy. The material feels lovely but sturdy, like it will last for a very long time without showing any signs of wear. My mum is a bit similar to me in terms of style, she likes very minimal things and the monochrome design suits her perfectly. I can't wait until Sunday to give it to her!

I also had a look at some other things to maybe treat her with and quite honestly, I'll probably order myself a few things, especially that Orla Kiely mug, it's super cute! You also can't go wrong with flowers, and the Rose and Berry faux flowers in the vase look lovely. I also love the adorable little teapot with the polka-dot hearts, it's more my dream teapot than my mum's but you know, it's the thought that counts right?

Have you got things sorted for Mother's Day?

I know some people find Mother's Day hard, so this post is meant with the best intentions and I wish you all the love in the world if you're spending it without your mum! ♥

* This post was written in collaboration with Amara. All opinions are my own. *

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a bullet journal giveaway - leuchtturm 1917

I've been bullet journalling close to a year now and after looking through my collection of notebooks and journals I thought I could do a little giveaway for one of my absolute favourite types of notebook. I've been flitting to and from all sorts of journals etc and always find myself going back to Leuchtturm 1917 with dotted pages. It just fits everything you need from a bullet journal. So that's what this giveaway will be for, a Leuchtturm 1917 in your chosen colour and style. You can see the colours and styles here. I'll also be adding a few little smaller stationery bits and pieces that I think are super cute, but they're being kept a secret for now!

I've included a few photos below, or you can always search for bullet journalling on youtube and see the vast majority of videos feature the Leuchtturm 1917. All you have to do to enter is follow my blog on Bloglovin and leave a comment in this blog post stating why you'd like to begin bullet journalling or, if you already do, why you started. You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for two extra entries. If you also follow on my Twitter or Instagram, let me know in the comments as well!

You can use the rafflecopter below to enter! Giveaway will run from the 20th March until the 9th of April and is only open to UK readers. Apologies to any international readers, I was recently stung with sending something overseas and had to pay a hefty fee in doing so. I promise I'll do something else in the near future!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for sticking around as well! I realise that I've kind of let it slip around here slightly, so this is also as a sort of thank you for still being here! ♥

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a quick little catch up

Okay, so first of all, hello! Second of all, I've not blogged in over two months. I started off this year with the best of intentions to be blogging every other day and then, I just didn't. No excuses, no reasons behind it, I just didn't. Although I've still been reading all my favourite blogs regularly, I just felt no urge to actually post anything myself. So, to make up for the last two months, here's a quick recap.

1. Craig and I adopted two baby rats.
We found two female rats at around ten weeks old or so that were up for adoption and I instantly fell in love with them. We named them Navi and Sweet Dee and they are the most adorable little things! When we got them they were sick with something called Mycoplasma, which is the reason they were up for adoption. After around of month of antibiotics and lots of treats they seem to be back to they're normal (almost) healthy selves.

2. We also adopted two guinea pigs.
After having the rats a few weeks, Craig really wanted guinea pigs and then we found two females that were perfect. They're so incredibly shy still, despite having them almost two months, they still run from us and they only really surface when they know they're being given treats or vegetables. Other than the shyness, they're so amazingly cute. We named them Snow and Willow.

3. I got signed off probation.
I'm a permanent member of staff now at my new job, which is a massive weight off my mind. I absolutely hate being on probation and the fear of being let go at any moment, but at least now I have a bit more job security.

4. I got my nose pierced. Again.
This is the third time I've had my nose pierced and I fully intend of this being the last time. I've had to take my nose piercings out previously due to restrictions at work, but everything seems to be cool at the this new place.

5. I turned into Wednesday Addams.
By that I mean I dyed my hair dark brown. Like, almost black. It's pretty weird because I've had fairly light brown year the past few years and now it's all dark again. I just need to perfect my resting bitch face and I'll have the full ensemble.

6. The Nintendo Switch entered my life.
Even though I'm a massive fan of Zelda and Nintendo, I wasn't planning on getting the Switch on launch day, as I was waiting to see how the console handled after a few weeks of play to see it would last. However, launch day came, and I couldn't bare the thought of not having one to play Breath of the Wild on the day it came out. Honestly, the game is surreal. The world to explore is huge for a Zelda game and the gameplay is so intuitive. I've only been managing to play for a few hours each day after work and I'm still no where near completion, the game is that big!

I'll probably be back to blogging every week or so again, until I can get back into the swing of things. I have a few posts that need to be put online shortly, so they should be up over the next week I think. Anyway, I'm off to go try and save Hyrule.

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