Sunday Five.

Right now I'm sitting under my window, with thunder and lighting happening outside and listening to Paramore's new Album. Feeling pretty good!

one. It's been super sunny and hot here the last few days, so it's encouraged me to get my dangerously un-tanned skin out in the sunshine. I always realise just how pale I am when I need to get my legs out. Which is a rare moment and only happens when I literally can't bare being in jeans in the heat. The little burst of summer was welcomed with open arms, beer gardens and pub trips.

two. Craig and I went to an amazing thing at Glasgow Science Centre, it was a Pink Floyd evening in the planetarium listening to the Dark Side of the Moon album with an amazing visual display to match the music. I know that album inside and out but listening to it on that scale with all the visuals just made it that more special. I usually get motion sickness for things like that as well but I was so drawn into the music that it didn't bother me in the slightest.

three. On Friday I went to a Rick and Morty pub quiz in Glasgow with Craig and a few friends. It was a really good night and even though we didn't win, I think we all had a good time. My only gripe with the entire night was how loud the music was during the quiz. I mean, that sounds like such an annoying thing to say about music, BUT it was in a pub during a quiz and we couldn't actually hear each other speak to discuss the answers, we were literally signing to each other. To put this in perspective, one of the answers was Principle Vagina (yep, really) but I couldn't hear what was being said so he had to pretty much scream vagina at me three times from across the table. Other than that, it went shwifty.

four. I've been having some pretty serious pains in my arm the last week or so then finally decided to go to the doctors about it. After about ten minutes of poking, twisting and squeezing my arm she came to the conclusion that it's most likely nerve damage. So I've been given some strong pain killers, some anti-inflammatories and some more medication for my heartburn. So many daily tablets!

five. Craig, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, treated me to a massage in a wonderful little spa. It was a forty five minute massage to help with the pain in my arm and the girl was shocked at how many knots there are in my shoulders and back. I've been given some exercises and stretches to do to try and loosen them and will probably need to go back for another massage soon. Not that I'm complaining though.

All in all, it's been a pretty good week and I've still got the bank holiday Monday to look forward to. Now I'm off to catch up on last weeks episode of Attack on Titan before this week comes out!

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It feels a little like summer

The last few days have been a small glimpse into the warm weather to come and I can honestly say I am so looking forward to some sunshine and heat. Whilst I do love being cosy in jumpers and scarves etc, there's nothing I love more than heading outside in a pair of shorts & t-shirt and just walking about enjoying the sun. Which is exactly what Craig and I did. Although it's not quite warm enough for shorts, a pair of light trousers were substituted. We took a wander down along the river and back again, which took about two hours but it was nice to just walk, even in silence.

Things have almost slowed to a stop recently. We've been saving for a mortgage so we haven't been able to go out and do as many things that we usually do, but it'll all be worth it when we finally own our home. Which we probably should have sorted a while ago, but anyway. Other than that, I'd say I've completely disconnected from the internet. I've deactivated and deleted Facebook - it's rubbish anyway, just full of fake news, animal cruelty videos, and people updating that they're either at the gym or having dinner - I've stopped blogging. I've even stopped reading blogs, which I never thought I'd do. It's just lost all interest for me and I don't think I'll find that interest again any time soon.

I can't keep up with other bloggers any more, it just feels more like a competition between all these massive bloggers and all the little bloggers are bitching and moaning about literally everything that happens online. I swear, some people need to calm down and realise that it's simply just a blog sometimes.

I know I shouldn't say that, blogging for some people is their job/career, but yeah, sometimes it's a little too much to read and feels like people get angry for the sake of it.

Anyway, this was a quick little update to say I'm still alive and well. Mostly. I'll try and get back to a normal routine around here eventually. Or, I might give up on 2017 and hold out for 2018 for HelloZelda and go for a fresh start. We'll see.

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