Hi, I'm Kirsty!

I'm not great at these small 'introduce yourself' type blurbs, so I'll try and keep it short and sweet. I'm 28, living in a little town just outside of Glasgow with my partner, Craig, and our pets. I'm in 3rd year at university, studying web and mobile development with design, as well as working part time selling people technology they don't need.

I love to play Zelda games (hence the name, woops!), draw/design things, write down endless lists in my bullet journal, watch anime and buy stupid amounts of phone cases. I enjoy doing impressions of characters from Lord of the Rings, listening to music way too loud and having a 'to be read' pile that's bigger than my current book collection. I don’t offend easily and I really hate small talk.

I'm still a walking, talking, work in progress - but I'm getting there.