Hi, I'm Kirsty!

I’m never great at these ‘about me’ things, but I’ll try my best. I’m 27 years old and a Gemini. I live in a little town outside Glasgow with my boyfriend, Craig, and our pets. I enjoy reading, writing, journalling design. I have a pretty huge obsession for anything stationery related and own more notebooks than shoes. I constantly crack my knuckles (more recently my toes, too) and like to do impressions of characters from Lord of the Rings when I’m in the house alone. I fall over my own feet a lot and I constantly bang into things. I also buy way too many phone cases and pens.

I generally dress in black/monochrome and dye my hair quite a lot. I listening to music way too loud and doing that thing where I stare off into the distance on the train like I’m in a music video. I don’t offend easily and I hate small talk.